Who we are

We're a London based independent studio and consultancy with a passion for crafting modern and high-performance mobile apps that offer beautiful user experiences.

Modern tools

We believe that using cutting-edge technology is vital to the success of your project as it allows you to maximise what you can do with a mobile app and rapidly iterate. We specialise in using the React Native framework which allows us to both write clean and maintainable code as well as deliver projects much quicker than traditional mobile app development tools.

Modern thinking

We started Edamame Studios because we love building great mobile experiences. Operating as a startup means less internal bureaucracy and more results.

But that doesn't come at the cost of experience - we have decades of software engineering experience between us and have worked with startups and enterprises alike. We've held CTO and senior management roles, and have a proven track record of working as a team. Agile software development models increases our development speed and allows us to build together with you, rather than ask for everything up front.

We've worked with

Thinking Long Term

We won't just build your project to match your specifications and then walk away. We treat each product as our own and think carefully about long-term maintenance, and about what it would take to build on top of the work that's there.

This makes it a lot easier and less costly if you want to make changes or add features to your app further down the line.

Convinced yet? Let's make something great together.

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